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Neck Lift Newport Beach based plastic surgeon; Dr. James Rosing has been performing face and neck rejuvenation procedures with great results for nearly a decade.  He wants patients to be well informed about which neck lift options will best address their goals.  In addition to the information provided here, Dr. Rosing will provide you with before and after neck lift pictures, so you can see how his neck lift procedures achieved youthful and natural looking results.

There are areas of our body that we just can’t fix by going to the gym or sticking to a diet. If you have been contemplating a neck lift because you have trouble with a double chin, jowls, or have drooping or loose skin around the neck as well as a lack of definition around the jaw line, then Dr. Rosing can help. 

For some individuals, the drooping skin “turkey neck” and lack of definition around the jaw line are direct results of drastic weight loss or aging; for others, an unsatisfactory neck is the result of genetics. In either case, sagging skin around the neck can make individuals feel self-conscious about their appearance and reduce their overall confidence.

Neck lift surgery could be just what you need to regain a more youthful look. Yes, there are less invasive (liposuction) and non-surgical treatments, such as Kybella, Cool Sculpting, and Thermage which all have their place in helping to reverse the signs of neck aging.  Neck lift surgery stands alone as the most definitive and significant method to reverse the signs of neck aging.

What is a Neck lift?

Much like a facelift, a neck lift (medically referred to as a cervicoplasty or sometimes platysmaplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat, tissue, and sagging skin around the neck, resulting in an attractive and youthful neck and jaw line. During a general neck lift surgery, Dr. Rosing will make a small incision beneath the chin or sometimes behind the ears. From there, Dr. Rosing will tighten your neck muscles and remove excess fat, skin, and tissue.

Based on your health and personal goals, Dr. Rosing may perform liposuction in conjunction with your neck lift surgery. For a neck liposuction, Dr. Rosing will make incisions behind each ear and under the chin. From there, Dr. Rosing will suction fat from underneath the chin and around the jaw line.

Neck Lift Suspension Technique Overview

A neck lift is actually a set of procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck and jaw line.  Procedures may include:

  • Removing loose or excess skin “turkey neck”
  • Removing or altering neck muscles
  • Liposuction to remove excess fat
  • Botox injections to address problems with fullness or “bands”
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Dr. Rosing has found that tightening of the underlying muscles that have lost their tight supportive structure results in the best neck rejuvenation results.  The best neck lifts results in a well-defined jaw line, a tight appearance across the center of the throat (the “Adam’s Apple”) and a smooth, youthful and natural neckline.  This can be accomplished by re-draping the patient’s skin and proper contouring. 

Dr. Rosing knows that neck rejuvenation is more than just a skin tightening procedure – the issues that cause the effects of aging or severe weight loss must be addressed in order for the results to be lasting, natural, and effective. The custom face and neck lift approach taken at Rosing Plastic Surgery is one that allows each patient to prioritize concerns and tailor an approach to achieve their desired results, all with the help of before and after photos to help the patient to visualize the results. The first step is scheduling an individual consultation with Dr. Rosing in his Newport Beach or Sacramento office, so you can discuss options for your neck lift procedure.

What To Expect After Neck Lift Surgery

After you have neck lift surgery, here is what you can expect from a recovery standpoint:

  • Immediately after neck lift surgery, some patients feel groggy or nauseous. These feelings normally subside by the next day.
  • Even though most patients experience very little pain after surgery, Dr. Rosing will prescribe pain medication.
  • Dr. Rosing will also instruct you to keep your head elevated when lying down, to avoid as much activity as possible, and to report any undue discomfort. 
  • In some cases, a drainage tube may be inserted during surgery.  This will be removed 1 to 2 days post surgery. 
  • Post surgical swelling and bruising may temporarily cause the look of unevenness, skin changes, hard spots, and ridges.  Dr. Rosing’s staff will help explain how to use cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  • All sutures and staples are removed within 5 to 10 days following surgery.  Dr. Rosing recommends avoiding vigorous activity during this time.
  • Pink scars will eventually fade to an unnoticeable color.
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream if your incisions begin to itch through the healing process. Avoid scratching them.
  • Some patients may experience some numbness for up to one year.  Do not put ice or anything hot directly onto skin in your neck area because you may have decreased awareness of temperature damage due to numbness.
  • Patients should prearrange for post-surgery support from family and friends.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

The benefits of neck lift surgery are the rejuvenation of the neck and a more defined jaw line.  Here is a brief list of the benefits provided by neck lifting:

  • Rejuvenation of the neck.
  • Dramatic reduction or elimination of “turkey neck” banding in neck.
  • Correction of double or triple chin.
  • Defining the jaw line like that seen in the youthful neck.
  • Dramatic improvement or elimination of loose or excess skin and wrinkles within the neck.
  • Creating a longer more elegant appearing neck.

Risks of having a Neck Lift

Post surgical complications are rare and are often easily solved by Dr. Rosing if you notify us. Call us if you experience any of the following: a temperature of 101 or higher, increased local redness or warmth, chest pain, shortness of breath, legs swelling, calf pain or if you feel that anything might be wrong.

Possible risks of having a neck lift include:

  • Blood Clots – Pay specific attention to leg swelling.  If you notice swelling on only one leg or calf pain contact the office.
  • Fluid Collection – The evening after surgery it is important to look if one side of the face is more firm and swollen than the other. This might represent a blood collection.

Your Neck Lift Consultation

All neck lift consultations begin with a thorough health history.  This is especially a consideration if general anesthesia is being used, but also applies to local anesthesia.  Neck lifts are generally done under general anesthesia.  Prior to meeting with Dr. Rosing you will be giving a health history questionnaire to fill out either ahead of time or in our waiting room area. 

Dr. Rosing treats each neck lift with a unique approach.  He will meet with each patient individually in either his Newport Beach or Sacramento, CA location for an extensive consultation to discuss the patient’s concerns and goals and to examine the patient’s face and neck. Together with the patient’s input, Dr. Rosing will help the patient to decide upon the right neck rejuvenation procedures to use in order to achieve the look the patient desires.

Some people have more severe concerns and therefore may require more extensive surgery than simply a neck lift in order to address all the underlying causes of their sagging skin and aged appearance.

You must be in good health to get a neck lift. Neck lifting involves elevating the neck skin. This puts a strain on the blood supply to the skin. Normally, this is not a problem but it may be in smokers. Smoking significantly decreases blood supply to the skin and can cause skin slough. The last thing you want after going through a neck lift is a large scar from poor healing caused by smoking. Therefore, smoking must be stopped at least 3 to 4 weeks before and after surgery. Otherwise, the results could be disastrous leading to non-healing wounds, poor scarring, and/or infection.

After the decision to proceed with a neck lift has been made by you and Dr. Rosing, he will describe:

  • The techniques to be used for your procedure
  • Types of anesthesia recommended
  • The surgical facility
  • Any additional surgery
  • Possible complications or risks involved with this procedure
  • Costs of the procedure
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Does Insurance Cover a Neck Lift?

If you are considering a neck lift, the cost may be one of the factors affecting your decision. The results that Dr. Rosing produces for his patients create benefits that affect many aspects of patients’ lives. Our neck lift patients report that they feel rejuvenated, younger, refreshed, and – most importantly – satisfied.

Insurance companies do not cover the costs of neck lifts. It is important to find out what the total costs of the procedure will be, including fees for the operating facility, the anesthesiologist’s and Dr. Rosing’s fees, medicines, follow-up care, office visits, and other services and materials.

Quality vs. Value

While cost of a neck lift can be one of things you consider when choosing a cosmetic surgeon, we recommend all patients consider several contributing factors. The best plastic surgeons have the most training, experience, and repeated satisfactory results. Find out what you can about the doctor, and view many before and after neck lift pictures in order to see results for patients who had concerns similar to yours.

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