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NeoGraft Hair Transplant Newport Beach

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Are you seeking a solution for hair loss in Newport Beach? Look no further than Allure MD Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. With our expertise in NeoGraft hair transplantation, we can help you regain a full, natural-looking head of hair.


Hair loss is a natural occurrence in the aging process. Statistics show that by the age of 50, 85% of North American men have experienced a significant amount of thinning. Although, baldness is most often associated with males, it is not uncommon for females to experience hair loss during the menopause stage of life. Appearance plays a big part in our psyche and thinning hair can cause anxiety and depression even in mature people.

"Thanks to the expertise of the team at Allure MD, I now have the full head of hair I've always wanted. I feel more confident and youthful than ever before."
Roger K.

FUE NeoGraft Hair Transplant System

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Newport Beach | Allure MD Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is dedicated to transitioning people through the aging process with style and grace. It is our passion to make the inevitable changes that occur as pleasant and comfortable as possible for our clients. The addition of the FUE NeoGraft hair transplant system to the practice was inevitable, not only because hair loss and aging are synonymous but because of the incredible results it offers.

NeoGraft is a cutting-edge hair restoration technique that offers superior results with minimal downtime. Our skilled team utilizes advanced technology to transplant individual hair follicles, ensuring precision and natural-looking outcomes.

Previous methods of hair loss treatments seem rudimentary compared to the state-of-the-art, modern NeoGraft hair transplant system. The “strip” method, which was most commonly used, incorporated a scalpel to cut long sections of scalp from the back of the head. This resulted in scarring, loss of feeling along the scar line, post- operative pain, and more downtime because the recovery was slower.

FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction”, and NeoGraft is the top FDA-approved system on the market today. Their patented, innovative technique is producing lifetime results for hair loss patients around the world. With the use of their automated medical device, which incorporates pneumatic controls, they are able to remove complete follicles of hair from the back of the head and implant them immediately in the necessary areas. This micro-surgical procedure enables controlled pressure to slide the graft out easily. There is no digging or pulling necessary when harvesting the graft. The NeoGraft hand piece is ergonomically designed, which enables it to operate smoothly as an extension of the surgeon’s hands. This gold-standard, automated surgical instrument is what sets NeoGraft apart.

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