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RF Microneedling


The world's first pulsed wave & continuous wave radio frequency microneedling device


Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a regenerative procedure that stimulates collagen and elastin production. Both Collagen and elastin are two key components of healthy, younger-looking skin. This minimally invasive and essentially painless treatment introduces small microchannels into the top layer of the skin, which induces the body’s natural healing process.

Sylfirm X - Cutting Edge

Sylfirm X is the latest innovation in RP (repeated ultra-short pulse) microneedling technology that reacts to ONLY abnormal blood vessels and tissue to selectively treat increased pigmentation and vascular lesions—it is the only RF microneedling device approved to safely treat neovascularities including hard-to-treat conditions like rosacea and melasma. 

How Does the Sylfirm X Device Work?

Sylfirm X uses Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse (RP) microneedling to target and treat the abnormal vessels that can lead to melasma, rosacea, and other skin discolorations. With the help of many micro electrodes, an electromagnetic field of energy is created that can penetrate the dermal layer without damaging the tissue.
A robotic system ensures the precise application of the evenly-layered electrodes to reach the desired depth during treatment. By covering all dermal layers, microneedling treatments are faster, more effective, and more comfortable for patients. Additionally, practitioners can choose from eight modes depending on the goals of the treatment.

Before & After 


Optimal Depth

300 - 4,000 Micron (4mm) Depth, Optimal Revitalization Depth Pulsed Wave

Adjustable Settings

Adjustable frequency & energy settings for each skin type and application: skin laxity, vascular pigmentation, scars, skin texture & rejuvenation, rosacea, melasma.

Face & Body

Safe and effective for face and body skin treatments. Minimal downtime with little to no pain.

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